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Ball Size & Weight Head Size Chart
Trees per Load Fall Planting Recommendations



Care of Balled & Burlapped Stock

When unloading your B&B stock, handle only by the root ball.  If the nursery stock is lifted or carried by the trunk or branches, root damage may result.  As you handle the stock by the root ball, care should be taken not to loosen the ball lacing or the lacing which supports the wire basket.  Do not drop the root ball.  It can break, reducing the chances of survival.

If you intend to hold your stock, untie the tops, place stock together, mulch and water thoroughly.   Watering is most thorough if an overhead system or a low pressure root feeder is used.


Important to all Landscape Contractors and Garden Center Operators

Be sure you thin the tops of all shade and ornamental trees.  At least 1/3 of all leaf bearing branches should be selectively removed at planting time.  The tops should be pruned in such a manner that natural shape of the tree is not altered.



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Ball & Burlap Schedule

Ball Size                       Appox. Wt (lbs.)                      Caliper Size (inches)

20                               210                                          1 -1

22                               270                                          1 -2

24                               340                                          2-2

28                               560                                          2 -3

32                               820                                          3-3

Approximate number of trees per load

on a standard 48' semi trailer

Size Quantity
1 1/2" 135
1 3/4" or 2" 120
2 1/2" 85
3" 65
3 1/2" 36
Mixed Sizes 85

Fall Planting Recommendations

Varieties with SIGNIFICANT RISK Varieties with SLIGHT RISK

Betula varieties

Cercis c. 'Covey'

Corylus varieties

Crataegus varieties

Koelreuteria paniculata

Nyssa sylvatica

Prunus varieties

Quercus varieties (except palustris)

Acer varieties

Carpinus varieties

Cornus varieties

Liquidambar varieties


Pyrus varieties

Salix- weeping

Tilia tomentosa

Head Size Chart


(arrows indicate which way the head is measured)

Cotinus TF' ↕,
Hamamalis TF↔,
Hydrangea TF↕,
Physocarpa o. 'Diablo'- TF ↕,
Syringa m. 'Palibin'-std. ↔,
Viburnum carlcephalum TF ↔,           Wistera TF ↕,
48" 1.5" 54" 60" 66" 72"
Malus 'Candymint' ↔,
Malus 'Coralcole'- TF' ↔,
36" 42" 1.5" 54" 1.75" 66" 2" 66" 2.5" 66" 3"  
Hibiscus TF ↕
36" 42" 48" 1.5" 60"      

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